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9:45 p.m. - 2010-07-05
Transitions in Geographical and Political Reality Shown in World Maps
Maps of the world are a excellent interactive method for children to use their imaginations in understanding the planet. Placing one on the wall means you can quickly look at places you hear regarding on the news. With one glance you can quickly observe what part of the planet the place is found in, what its neighbouring towns and countries are, and therefore on.

With their bright colours and clear, easy to read designs, maps of the world look good on any walls. But were you aware that many modifications frequently take place? Maps are being continually changing and evolving to mirror our ever-changing world.

There are various modifications that maps of the world need to show to be absolutely accurate. These include national borders transformations, place name shifts, capital city alterations and therefore the emergence of latest countries. And additionally there are various glossy earth maps that also display country flags, and when those flags amendment the map's flag display additionally wants to be changed.

Mapping out adjustments on this planet:

Over the past decade there is been a lot of alterations that make a splash on maps of the world. Here are some principal examples of the transformations that we have witnessed over the past 10 years.

The top 7 adjustments on maps of the world over the past decade:

World map Revision 1: Kosovo
2008 - Kosovo declares independence with non:universal recognition

World map Revision a pair of: Serbia/Montenegro
2006 : Dissolution of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro into 2 separate states Serbia and Montenegro

World map Update three: India
2001 - The official name of Calcutta city is changed to Kolkata

World map Update 4: Countries' Flags
Numerous national flags updated or added including Kosovo, Rwanda, Iraq, Saint Lucia, and Venezuela

World map Update 5: Myanmar
2005 :Myanmar's capital city is changed from Yangon (aka Rangoon) to Naypyidaw

World map Revision vi: East Timor
2002 : East Timor (Timor-Leste) is created independent from Indonesia

World map Revision seven: Palau
2006 : Palau's capital city is moved from Koror to Melekok

Changes in Geographical and Political Reality Displayed in World Maps
Transitions in Geographical and Political Reality Displayed in World Maps
Adjustments in Geographical and Political Reality Shown in World Maps



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